Maintenance of hot melt laminating machine

1. It is forbidden to open and close the brake with load of Hot Melt Glue Laminating Machine

2. The reducer should be replaced with lubricating oil every six months.

3. The 350# heat transfer oil should be replaced every six months. Check the oil tank of the hot oil machine once a month to remove oil dirt, impurities and heat conduction oil.

4. It is forbidden to operate the “forward and reverse switch” when the hot melt glue laminating machine is running, otherwise it will easily damage the frequency converter and motor. Lubricate the bearings and sliding bars every shift.

5. After each shutdown, the glue tank, glue scraping accessories and anilox roller must be cleaned in time to remove the residual glue and dirt from all parts of the hot melt glue laminating machine.

6. Every shift of the chain should be checked to ensure normal lubrication and timely tensioning.

7. Check the connecting parts and fasteners for looseness and loss in each shift, and tighten them in time.

8. Check whether there is oil leakage at the joints of oil pump, oil cylinder, solenoid valve, distribution valve and oil pipe in each shift.

9. The “speed adjustment” knob for accelerating and decelerating rotation must be gently adjusted to the required speed gradually, otherwise it will easily damage the motor. The electric box should be opened regularly to check whether the time relay and the intermediate relay are loose, and the dirt (impurities) such as dust and cotton wool inside should be removed frequently, so as not to block the cooling channel of the frequency converter and cause inconvenience to the hot melt glue laminating machine.

10. Inverter data has been set before leaving the factory. Non-professionals are forbidden to change or set it, and they are not allowed to disassemble or repair it at will.

1. Caution for cleaning pur hot melt adhesive laminating machine with heating solvent: When cleaning components with PUR hot melt adhesive with heating solvent, do not use equipment with flame or without temperature control for heating cleaning. Generally, the temperature of PUR hot melt adhesive during cleaning and maintenance shall not exceed 100. Before cleaning PUR hot-melt adhesive with cleaning agent, please check whether the indoor air is well ventilated, avoid using open flame, and do not clean PUR hot-melt glue machine in an air-tight environment. Do not use solvent for paint stripping to clean glue and hot melt adhesive machine components, because such solvents are volatile, easy to burn, and cause explosion. At high temperature, they will also produce toxic gas, and such solvents will also damage the Teflon coating on the heating platen of pur hot melt adhesive machine. Try to avoid cleaning pur hot melt adhesive machine for a long time, because harmful gas will be produced at high temperature, and too much inhalation will be harmful to human body.

Post time: Nov-14-2022